Artist: Bob Marley
	Titel: Fight For Your Rights
	Record Label: Flashback

	Remark: Bootleg. All tracks are recorded live at Ahoy Hall,
	        Rotterdam, The Netherlands on July 7th, 1978 except
	        track 4-10 (CD2) are recorded in Chicago on June 10th, 
	        1975 (and not Santa Monica, August 9th, 1978 as 
	        stated on the cover).

	CD1:                              CD2:
	positive vibration                easy skanking
	the heathen                       get up, stand up
	them belly full (but we hungry)   exodus
	rebel music (3 o'clock roadblock) slave driver
	war/no more trouble               trenchtown rock
	crisis                            concrete jungle
	running away/crazy baldhead       midnight ravers
	i shot the sheriff                talking blues
	no woman, no cry                  rebel music
	is this love                      i shot the sheriff