Artist: Bob Marley & Friends	
	Titel: Roots Of A Legend
	Record Label: Trojan Records
	(c) Trojan Records
	(p) Trojan Records

	CD1:                                CD2:
	shocks of mighty                    dreamland	
	shocks of mighty part 2             dreamland
	don't let the sun catch you crying  dreamland version
	upsetting station                   dreamland (version 2)
	zig zag                             the crimson pirate
	run for cover                       arise blackman
	long, long wniter                   rightful rules
	all in one                          the return of alcapone
	copasetic                           maga dog
	one in all                          skanky dog
	more axe                            boney dog
	battle axe                          downpresser
	shocks '71                          moon dusk
	the axe man                         rudies medley
	send me that love                   rude boy version
	man to man (who the cap fit)        sun valley
	nicoteen                            brand new second hand
	don't rock my boat                  brand new second hand (version)
	like it like this                   romper room
	love light (shining)                them a fi get a beaten
	keep on moving                      get a beaten
	moving version                      selassie serenade
	rainbow country                     leave my business