Artist: Bob Marley
	Titel: The Natural Collection
	Record Label: TNC
	(c) San Juan Music Group
	(p) San Juan Music Group

	CD1:                        CD2:
	duppy conqueror             rebel's hop
	trenchtown rock             natural mystic
	lively up yourself          treat you right
	rainbow country             400 years
	sun is shining              corner stone
	soul almighty               soul captives
	all in one                  african herbsman
	can't you see               do it twice
	changes are                 back out
	hammer                      no sympathy	
	mellow mood                 no water
	mr. brown                   small axe
	reaction                    soul shakedown party
	soon come                   try me
	there she goes              brain washing
	the world is changing       caution
	it's alright                don't rock my boat
	stop the train              keep on moving