Artist: Bob Marley and the Wailers
	Titel: One Love At Studio One
	Record Label: Heartbeat
	Produced by Clement S. Dodd
	(c) Poli-Rhythm Ltd
	(p) Poli-Rhythm Ltd

	CD1:                        CD2:
	this train                  and i love her
	simmer down                 rude boy
	i am going home             i'm still waiting
	do you remember             ska jerk
	mr. talkative               somewhere to lay my head
	habits                      wages of love rehearsal
	amen                        wages of love
	go jimmy go                 i'm gonna put it on
	teenager in love            cry to me
	i need you                  jailhouse
	it hurts to be alone        sinner man
	true confession             who feels it knows it
	lonesome feeling            let him go
	there she goes              when the well runs dry
	diamond baby                can't you see
	playboy                     what am i supposed to do
	where's the girl for me     rolling stone
	hooligan                    bend down low
	one love                    freedom time
	love and affection          rocking steady